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Quality of work and integrity are the foundations on which Trinity Custom Carpentry is built, never compromising quality for quantity.


Additions to your home are an affordable option to increase your living space and avoid the stress of moving or re-location. Additions: Significantly increase the square footage of your home. From the foundation to the roof Trinity Custom Carpentry can take care of your project needs.

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Bathroom Renovations

The bathroom in your home gets a lot of use. Therefore, if this is a room in your home in which you spend a good portion of your time, let Trinity help you transform your bathroom into your own personal sanctuary.

We specialize in vanities, bath tubs, shower stalls, ceramic tile, toilets, doors, and painting for all your bathroom projects.

Trinity uses only professional sub trades (when needed) like Plumber and Electrician.

The Bathroom renovation is one that truly adds value and comfort to your home.

Bathroom renovations vary in cost depending on the amount of work being completed and the ‘quality’ of materials purchased. Because Trinity will price your project by the job and not by the hour, there will be no surprise invoices.

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Helping you love the space you are in. Renovations help bring life to the unused areas of your home, such as an unfinished basement. Perhaps there is an area of your home that is used regularly but is outdated, such as a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Trinity Custom Carpentry will help you rediscover your home’s potential. Everyone loves a personal make over, and your home is no exception. Any room can be made over and improved - whether you are in a house, condo or apartment.

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A deck adds functional outdoor space to your home! We are deck builders with experience, creating the deck that you want to suit your property.

All decks built by Trinity Custom Carpentry are constructed in compliance with the requirements of the Ontario Building Code. This includes placing sona tubes at a 4ft depth, using proper support beams, with spans and thickness of the beams built to code, and the use of joist hangers and leg bolts to ensure structural integrity and safety.

The type and style of your deck is limited only by your imagination and creativity. The materials used can range from high end cedar (God’s own pressure treated wood), to standard pressure treated spruce. For a deck that conceals all board fasteners, composite decking (Trex) is a good option. Composite decking has the advantage of being completely waterproof, fade resistant, and does not require staining.

Trinity Custom Carpentry repairs existing decks, if possible, or removes the old deck and builds new decks to compliment either the front, back or surrounding of a home pool - all your deck needs will be met.

If you’re interested in a deck, here’s what you should know: the City of Kingston and surrounding areas do not require a railing system or permit if the deck is 1’-11” or under (height above grade). A deck 2’ or higher (above grade) requires a building permit and railing system.

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Trinity Custom Carpentry specializes in hardwood flooring and ceramic tile, adding esthetic appeal and value to your home. Hardwood and ceramic tile flooring is an allergy-friendly surface that is easy to clean, with minimal dust, fur, hair and dirt collected, unlike carpet, and is durable even with heavy traffic. Most flooring jobs are priced by the square footage of the surface area.

We will remove any existing floor and dispose of all unwanted materials.

The attention to detail of your new flooring starts long before new flooring is installed. Houses can have unwanted flooring squeaks, often the result of a sub-floor which has not been secured or fastened properly. To remedy this, we carefully inspect and repair all and any imperfections within the existing sub-floor.

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Kitchens Renovations

Renovating your kitchen is a great way to increase the value of your home. Trinity can help transform your kitchen in a number of ways. Depending on your budget and creativity let us help you make the right choice for your home.

Trinity can complete an extensive demo and re-install of all your kitchen cabinets, or something much less intrusive, such as replacing your cabinet hardware with something more modern. We also specialize in kitchen countertop tile back splashes. A back splash is a great way to transform the look of your kitchen with a practical purpose.

Trinity can also help customize your existing cabinets to meet your individual need. For example, if your kitchen cabinets are not equipped with handles, or your doors are not closing properly.

Another feature that is beneficial to your kitchen renovation is a new range hood over your stove with proper venting and duct work.

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Whether building a new set of stairs or restoring an existing set, Trinity Custom Carpentry is able to provide all types of services. Perhaps you want a new custom stair system, or want to transform existing stairs by laminating with hardwood. With the use of a framing square, stair gages and specific calculations, Trinity Custom Carpentry steps up to a new level of stair craftsmanship. All hand railing systems are designed to meet height regulations set out by the Ontario Building Code. The rise and tread depth is determined by the total rise and total sum of the desired stair location in your home.

Just as everyone is unique in design, so are your home and stair systems. Special care and attention is provided to effectively meet your needs. Whether you have three steps, or twelve circular treads, the same quality and detail is given to each set of stairs.

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It’s all about the reveal! Doors are used numerous times a day, providing privacy, comfort and security. Doors are often the one home project that most owners believe “I can fix that.“ But there are a few things you should know:

Doors should swing smoothly on their hinges, opening and shutting with minimal effort. If you need to put your shoulder into it to close, use both hands to open, or play a game of tug of war, then something is in need of repair. Once open, a door should not swing on its hinges without assistance (out of level). The door hardware and closer should operate smoothly and engage with no effort (lifting a door or excessive pushing are clear warning signals).

Trinity Custom Carpentry has installed over 900 interior doors, and dozens of exterior doors. This includes closet doors, bathroom and bedroom doors, front doors, storm doors, garden, and patio doors.

We can create a new opening or frame in an existing opening, helping to customize your living space to meet your need.

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Trim is like ’icing on the cake‘ - it can make or break the esthetic appeal of your home, as it truly adds the finishing touch. There are several different trim details available, such as: baseboard, window and door casing, crown molding, 1/4 inch round and chair rail, just to name a few. These products are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and colours. They come in wood, MDF (medium density fiber board), plastic and rubber. Trim is a great way to change the look of a room at an affordable cost.

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