Folks always want to know the cost and the true answer is 'It depends.' Hopefully this will help you to undertand how we price the work that we do.

There are two fear factors of pricing: labour and material.

Pricing a project in the field of carpentry is very job specific and due to the fact that there are so many variables, Trinity Custom Carpentry offers free site measures for all projects, large or small.

Helping to educate and inform clients of options before making a decision is a priority that Trinity Custom Carpentry takes the time for.

Once pricing is agreed upon, a deposit for 20% of total labour cost is requested for your project to be added to the earliest agreed upon calendar date.

Some examples of pricing:


The labour cost with most renovations generally stays the same, with respect to flooring, demolition, removing old fixtures and replacing with new. The variables in price shifting is with the products themselves.

For example, fixtures wanted in a bathroom renovation can vary greatly. (i.e. bathtubs can range from $300.00 – $3000.00, and toilets from $150.00-$750.00).

Two factors can make or break your renovation experience:

  1. Budget (living within your means).
  2. Communication (having an understanding of what you want and allowing Trinity Custom Carpentry to work with you.)

Our renovating goal is to bring life to the unused areas of your home, and to give you the space you have always wanted. However, without the use of open and clear communication the possible becomes impossible.


To provide an accurate price on your home addition a building permit and detailed house plan designed by a certified engineer / architect is required. Once you, the home owner, can provide a detailed set of drawings, then Trinity Custom Carpentry can begin the pricing process.

Several trades will be involved in your home addition process, such as possibly a plumber, electrician, heating and air etc. however, Trinity Custom Carpentry will complete all the necessary contacts to ensure a stress–free work environment and smooth scheduling. An average addition from below ground to roof can expect to last three months.

Trinity Custom Carpentry is looking forward to being the first part of your home addition.


Pricing for decks is primarily based on two factors; size of deck (dimensions) and choice of materials. Available materials ranging in price from least to most expensive include pressure treated wood, cedar, and composite board. The approximate material cost for a regular 12’x 12’ pressure treated wood deck is $1800.00.

Trinity Custom Carpentry can customize the deck of your dreams, or at least to meet your budget.

With three seasons of deck-weather in this part of Canada, adding a deck to your outdoor living space is a great way to better enjoy your backyard with family and friends.

Contact us today for a free estimate.


The pricing for flooring is usually based on a square footage price. (Length x Width = Square footage).

For hardwood, ceramic and laminate flooring a site measure is required. There is also a labour price for removing existing floor. This price is determined by the square footage and type of floor. (i.e. a carpet is held down with nail strips and staples, a ceramic floor is held down with a thin set mortar (concrete),therefore the labour required to remove a ceramic floor differs compared to a carpet floor. Both interior floors require very different applications for removal).

Trinity Custom Carpentry is able to revitalize any of your rooms with a new and fresh flooring option.


Pricing stairs changes all the rules. There is nothing standard with respects to stairs, as they are unique to your home. They are customized to meet the specific measurements of your home. (i.e. the total height and total run.) Total height measurements ensure that every step is exactly the same and total run measurements ensure that your stairs end exactly where they should.

Whether your building new or redecorating / restoring existing, please contact Trinity Custom Carpentry for a step in the right direction.


A site measure is required and new doors take approximately 3-4 weeks to manufacture. The price of your door is determined by your product choice.

Some door types available include: – front door with / without sidelights, patio door, garden door, bedroom, bathroom, closet, or pocket door, just to name a few.

Labour prices vary depending on door type, new install, and or removing of old door to replace with new. There are also times when a new opening is required, (i.e. creating a hole opening in an existing wall to insert the door of choice).

Material price is dictated by the manufacturer, door type, quality, and budget of client. For example front doors range from $600.00-$10,000 (huge price swing).

Let Trinity Custom Carpentry open a door of possibilities for your privacy needs.


The pricing of trim is usually based on linear feet (for baseboard), or how many openings exist (for windows and doors). Some varieties of trim include: baseboard, crown molding, window and door casing. Trim product options should be carefully chosen to reveal your rooms’ best features.

Trinity Custom Carpentry can meet all of your trim needs, from ceiling to floor, windows or doors we have you covered at every angle.

We hired Trinity Custom Carpentry to replace our old shingle roof with a new steel roof this Spring. We were very pleased with their work and have had several positive comments from friends and neighbours regarding the final product. It was a very rainy week, but they were very careful to pick the dry days to avoid exposing our roof to rain while they had the shingles stripped off. They were friendly and professional and were honest about the cost and explained everything in the initial proposal. We would definitely consider Trinity again if we needed more carpentry work done.

Robert and Em